Happy Summer, all!  It’s been a peculiar journey, with recent record-breaking floods of the Arkansas River affecting our regional agriculture neighbors whose farms are in the river bottoms, and folks whose homes were badly flooded.  The situation was a result of significant snow melt in the Rocky Mountains where the Arkansas originates, plus abundant repeated days of heavy rains in the Texas panhandle, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  The floods were historically significant, with the river and tributaries reaching levels never  experienced before in recorded history, and at the least affected travel with many roads closed. Many are reaching out to assist in the cleaning, rebuilding, and digging out now that the waters have receded.

The vineyards are on high ground; still, the rainy conditions were challenging, and we have enjoyed drying out a bit lately.  Finally hay was cut and baled this week!  The muscadines are blooming, and fruit is setting!  

We hope your summer activities are moving along, with many happy memories to be made!   


Monitoring the hay field


Splendid summer morning