Happy Father's Day to all dads, especially you muscadine-loving dads!  So far, the muscadine season promises to be a good one.  Some of us recently travelled to the north country-- really north-- where gooseberries thrive.  It was novel to taste gooseberries, which was a first for us as southerners.  It's always fun to try the local fruit and vegetable specialties when traveling.  In Arkansas and the rest of the southeastern states we will have the 2017 muscadine harvests September and October... and until then, we will all enjoy muscadine juices, wines, jellies, and jams, cobblers, ice cream, sherbets, and anything else we can imagine!


Gooseberry with Tart Tartin, artisan vanilla ice cream, and berry reduction.  Delectable combination, Le Petit Opus Café, Montreal, Canada