Whew!  With harvest over, and equipment cleaned and stored., we took a short breather, and now winter preps are underway.  Irrigation pipes are drained, rows "bermed-up," and equipment shifted to muscadine vineyard pruning mode.  

Before we could even realize it, Christmas is upon us!  We are listening to our holiday playlists,, planning our special holiday meals, and finishing our preparations, although the farm work never really ends.  Wide temperature fluctuations from day to day dictate much of our schedule. 

Sadly, we were too far north to get the big snows that hit the southern United States last week.  We cannot help but continue to check long-range forecasts, wishing for our shot at a nice snow, but at least rain!  The photos featured this month, so far, are from another year... but hey, worth revisiting for Christmastime!!