The Journey

Yes, we love 'most everything about vineyard work.  Now that Harvest 2016 is over, all starts again.  Ground work includes mowing with the brush hog and berming up the dirt to prepare the vines for cold weather.  The irrigation pipes must be drained. The leaves turn and fall, exposing the bushy manes that need pruning and trimming.  Securing the vines anew for wind, snow and ice is a process that spans the Ozarks' winter.  Then, with the arrival of spring begins another growing season.  This time of year, we are reminded of the other aspect of vineyard work that we only really get to experience during harvest-- our customers, and getting the fruit into your hands!  As a performer needs an audience, farming is less than satisfactory until we are able to provide our juicy, flavorful Arkansas muscadines to those who appreciate them!  Thank you for participating in our endeavor, whether you are a customer, family, friend, or fan.  We appreciate you more than you can ever know!