January in the Arkansas Ozarks vineyard is an adventure.  The weather is ever-changing.  Our task list has to be one that includes items we can do depending upon the weather--how cold, how foggy, what type of precipitation is falling, how wet is the ground, how hard is the wind blowing, what is the wind chill?  Typically, we are quite weather-aware, saving the best vineyard time and weather dedicated to the vineyard, and we work-in around the vineyard time other activities such as hikes, outings, and trips for supplies.   Some days are just too cold, wet, or harsh to be outside, such as the all-day event of sleet and freezing rain we had early this week.  Now we are coming upon a nice warm-up, with today sunny and highs above 30 with only a light breeze.  An even warmer few days are promised at the end of the week!  Regardless of the weather, as we tend to the vines, we joyously anticipate the luscious muscadines they will bear at the end of the summer!