Whew!  What a summer!  We thought we were through with the heat and enjoyed some wonderful rain.  Now, the heat has returned, along with a variety of animals competing for forage and water.  Deer are plentiful.  Wild boar have been on the property.  The birds are loving the vineyard--bluebirds, hawks, scissortail flycatchers, meadow larks are in residence, to name the most obvious.  Someone is rooting around between the rows--armadillo are the most suspected, and if they have dirt on their faces, we'll know for sure.  It's a job keeping the irrigation in operation, tying up vines after a couple of wind storms, and fighting weeds.  The muscadines are continuing to progress!  As I write, there is thunder in the distance.   We would be thankful for another rain, since we are still considered in Extreme Drought conditions.  A cooling of the temperatures would be nice, as well.  September will be here soon, and certain harvest and autumn beyond!