The summer here at the vineyard has been unseasonably warm and dry since the beginning of June.  We've had multiple 100 F-plus degrees and not much rain.  Actually, we were lucky to get a couple of good soakings, but hardly enough to keep up the pace of the intense heat.  This week, even the evenings have been taxing, with temperatures of 90 degrees at midnight.  The irrigation system has been pumping at top capacity.  Some folks in the area are beginning to look at back-up water sources.  Normally, the hot conditions make for sweeter muscadines, which is good.  We've just not experienced this much heat for this we'll see if the vines will hold their fruit.  When the vines become taxed, they drop the fruit in order for the vine to survive.   So far, we have our muscadines largely intact!  Editor's note:  The May 29 post was amended with the information that the May tornado was officially upgraded from an EF 3 to EF4.