I've been away on a bit of an adventure, taking advantage of an opportunity to see other vineyards.  My trek has underscored a couple of truths about the world of vineyards.  One truth is that there's not one correct way to grow  grapes and muscadines--the terrain and climate largely dictate aspects of the training and vine maintenance so the grapes will flourish in that particular environment.  Another is that grape-growing and winemaking is becoming more global, with more areas becoming very adept in increasing their skill, artistry, and success in making very fine products.  At the same time, there continues to be more focus upon what the local terroir contributes in making the grapes unique to a given locale.  

Returning to Fay Vineyards and our beautiful muscadine plants, I am happy to be back and proud to have the opportunity to be in the kinship of grape and muscadine-growers across the planet!