We had an exciting evening recently, walking near the muscadine vineyard after sunset.  A headlamp revealed two small reddish reflecting lights in the grass next to the road.  Closer inspection revealed the distinctive color and shape of an owl with glowing eyes!  Startled, we didn't want to spook the owl, so we retreated.  He/she maintained composure, staring right at us.  I'm sure he thought he was invisible to us, yet there he was with eyes glowing.  We beat it back to the house to grab a camera in hopes of getting a shot of him.  We carefully sneaked back to the owl's location at sighting, but he was no where to be seen.  Consulting with our birding friends, the best speculation was that he was an Eastern Screech Owl caught in the act of catching a field mouse.  We feel very honored and thrilled that we saw him at such close range--close encounters with nature are powerful experiences that may be the best aspect of a muscadine viticulture lifestyle!