April showers still are in short supply, but we received some good rain last week, and we have another chance for rain tomorrow.  We have three sets of plantings, each group planted a year apart, so their requirements this time of year differ.  The youngest are still being trained into the basic shape of the cultivated muscadine--a straight trunk with two cordons extending horizontally.  The two more mature groups will be harvested for fruit and need oversight for plant viability, and the younger of the two needs some additional pruning during the spring and summer to continue appropriate plant development.  We're enjoying switching tasks...it moves us into different parts of the vineyard and allows us to engage in variable activities.  Each area of the vineyard has a different feel/flavor/vista, as well.  Last evening at sunset we were in the newest plants on a hillside with a view to the river valley on one side and the Ozark mountains to the other.  A heron flew overhead, while goose parents protecting goslings could be heard on the nearby pond.  All in all, a lovely evening!