Excitement is building in anticipation of an ice storm predicted for the end of the week.  Excitement--or anxiety?  In a rural setting, such as ours, ice storms almost invariably mean a loss of electrical power.   Ice forms on the trees, which sag under the weight, with limbs breaking onto power lines.  The fun is in enjoying the beauty of the ice formations, creating picture-post-card beauty in the most unexpected of places as shrubs, pine cones, and trees are blanketed with shimmery vestments.  We also enjoy the anticipation of a changed schedule and adventure.  Being without power for any extended time can be a lot of work...hauling wood; maintaining fires in the fireplace; and for many, trying to cook and clean with bottled water.  So, it's always good to be prepared with needed supplies, which for many people includes a couple of rolls of black and white film for capturing the monochromatic drama.