We had a lovely night in the muscadine vineyard recently, working while it was cooler to cope with the current heat wave.  As we worked, we became aware of a light show to our northeast that started with some bursts of light.  At first, we thought there might be a new communications tower in the distance.  The bursts proceeded to increase with irregular pattern and some variability in color and location--could it be a fireworks display?  The location in question was Ozark National Forest, so fireworks seemed unlikely...especially of the magnitude we were seeing.  Above us, the sky was absolutely clear, and the stars were magnificent.  We eventually discovered that there was a massive storm at Pocahontas in Northeast Arkansas with over 20,000 lightening strikes...amazing that we could see it from our location near Ozark and Altus, Arkansas!  

The evening was capped off by the moon rising from behind a low cloud bank...beautiful!