Harvest has now passed...it's hard to believe.  What a glorious, fun day!  It started early, still dark, taking care of some last minute preparation.  We could hear the harvesting crew coming up the road, then arriving in the vineyard at the appointed time, as dawn was breaking.  The harvester was cranked up and prepped while directions were given, and there was anticipation as the harvester went down the first row...with this being our first commercial harvest, one always hopes that the plants are adequately supported, and that the infrastructure is going to meet the challenge.  All worked very nicely!  Riding atop the harvester gave a unique view of the vineyard and process.  The harvesting crew worked well as a team, efficiently adjusting to the demands of the job at hand.  Early, it was cloudy, with rain threatening to move in.  The harvest was proceeding quickly in anticipation of the weather.  As the morning progressed, there were breaks in the clouds with some sunshine brightening the green leaves of the muscadine vines.  The large bins of the collecting red and bronze muscadines shone brightly under the sun as the ...so nice to see!  

As the harvesting crew completed their task, loaded their equipment, and carried of the trailer load of harvested muscadines, there was a mixture of relief, bliss, and a tinge of sadness.  It was like leaving the amusement park after such a fun day--one hates for the fun to be over.  But mostly relief that the harvest was brought in before the the rain, the weather had been perfect for us, and the precious muscadines were now safe from the elements, deer, and bear...until next year!