Fay Vineyards is located in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. Early French explorers in the area surely came upon the sweet wild muscadine grapes that are native to the area and ripen on the vine in late summer and early fall. Each muscadine grape is sweet and juicy, and the fruit can be pressed into juice that is flavorful and naturally sweet, without adding sugar.

At Fay Vineyards, we are cultivating the flavorful muscadines, focusing upon varieties most appropriate for making juice and wine. More resilient and robust than grapes, recent research suggests that the muscadine grape also has superior nutritional value.

The most gratifying part of our journey is our contact with all of you who enjoy and make wonderful things from our fruit.  For each of you, we are truly grateful.  May your Christmas season be filled with love and joy, and may your 2017 bring you hope and peace!


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